Our LEAP Literacy Intervention Program was designed to utilize the generous talents and gifts of our surrounding community so that we can offer our students an effective and engaging program that is entirely free of cost to students and their families. LEAP’s team of over 30 dedicated, well-trained and highly qualified volunteer tutors are the lifeblood of our organization. There is no doubt that our program changes the lives of the students we serve, but it also has a profound impact on the college students, parents, former teachers, and retired volunteers who graciously tutor, support, and mentor our students throughout the school year. Our LEAP literacy tutors feel accountable for the children they have been assigned to help, and as a result, they derive tremendous personal satisfaction from the remarkable progress that is made by our students each year.

We invite and welcome anyone with strong reading and writing skills to apply to be one of our LEAP volunteer literacy tutors.  All prospective LEAP literacy tutors will be interviewed, and will need to have health and background clearance, and be willing to commit at least one afternoon a week for an entire school year. Other volunteer opportunities include collecting book and supply donations for our library, and/or assisting with administrative duties as needed.


Please contact Sally Parkin at sallyparkin@leaplearningcenter.org if you would like to LEAP INTO ACTION as a literacy volunteer!

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You Can Help More Striving Readers Become Thriving Readers.

Your donation makes LEAP possible. Students are four times less likely to graduate high school if they are not reading at grade-level by third grade. That number jumps to thirteen times less likely if they are English Learners and economically disadvantaged.

The U.S. Department of Education has declared that  "the ability to read is the gateway to success." Your gift opens that gateway and provides the path to a brighter future. Thank you for supporting LEAP!

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