LEAP is excited to partner again with our 4 Title I elementary schools (Beswick, Estock, Heideman, and Nelson) and provide 30 minutes of live Designated English Language Development (ELD) during regular school hours, at no cost to our students or the TUSD. Like our previous model, our four highly qualified, credentialed LEAP literacy teachers will continue to work daily with the same small groups of 5-10 academically at-risk students, approximately 5 groups per school, for the entire school year. 

LEAP's credentialed and experienced ELD teachers will use research-based strategies proven effective and engaging for English Learners in grades K-5, such as presenting new vocabulary in concrete ways, building background knowledge before reading, and making connections with students' lives throughout every lesson in a safe and low-stress environment. When students return on campus for hybrid instruction, LEAP teachers will continue the same schedule and work with students online during their off-campus hours. 

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