be "social" about supporting leap on  #givingtuesday 

The easiest way to post a fundraiser for LEAP on your Facebook timeline is to visit our LEAP Learning Center - Tustin Facebook page (make sure you "like" us, if you haven't already!) and click "share" under our Facebook #GivingTuesday fundraiser. To personalize it, you can add a message about your connection to LEAP and why our services matter.

To create your own fundraiser for LEAP, click here and follow the steps below (it only takes a few seconds to set up but please know that once you start creating the fundraiser, you cannot save as a draft and publish later; however, you can go back later and edit it, if you wish):

  1. Click "Raise money for a nonprofit."

  2. Click "Select Nonprofit."

  3. Enter "LEAP Learning Center" and click on "LEAP Learning Center" below the search area

  4. Enter the amount you wish to raise and when you would like the fundraiser to end (you can choose December 4, 2019 or keep it up through December).

  5. Click "Next."

  6. Enter #GivingTuesday Fundraiser for LEAP Learning Center" or any title you prefer.

  7. Enter a personal message about why you are raising money for LEAP.

  8. Click "Next."

  9. Add a photo, if you like (if a student is in the picture, we must have permission from the student's parent on file).

  10. Click "Create."

  11. Facebook will give you the option to "Invite Friends" if you would like to make some (or all) of your friends more aware of this fundraiser...or you can skip this step and simply post to your timeline only.

  12. You can click the "..." tab at the top of your fundraiser and select "Edit Post" if you would like to change the cover photo, or fundraiser details such as your goal amount and when the fundraiser will end.

You can also spread the word about LEAP on your Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts to encourage friends and loved ones to donate to LEAP through your Facebook page.

If you have any questions, or need help, please contact Deanna Campbell at  Thanks a LEAP for your support!

Support leap

You Can Help More Striving Readers Become Thriving Readers.

Your donation makes LEAP possible. Students are four times less likely to graduate high school if they are not reading at grade-level by third grade. That number jumps to thirteen times less likely if they are English Learners and economically disadvantaged.

The U.S. Department of Education has declared that  "the ability to read is the gateway to success." Your gift opens that gateway and provides the path to a brighter future. Thank you for supporting LEAP!

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